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Crystalyte H3525 Rear Torque Direct Drive Hub Motor
  • Brand new motor heavily discounted due to factory paint defects - uneven paint layers and faded paint.
  • Tough, solid, very powerful and extremely reliable hub motor that has been on the market for years
  • Built-in temperature sensor allows to safely handle over 3000Watts safely, without a danger of overheating
  • H35 Torque model motor is wound for maximum torque, acceleration, and efficiency. Ideal for handling extra heavy loads and/or hills
  • Capable of regenerative braking
  • Works with sensored or sensorless controllers
  • Top speed in 26" wheel: 26-28mph @ 50V 35A ; 32-34mph @ 72V 30A
  • 10K thermal sensor
  • Honeywell S411 hall sensors
  • Weight:16.5lbs
  • Disc Brake Compatible
  • Standard 6 bolt disk brake mount
  • Freewheel Compatibility: 1 - 7spd (7 to 10spd with axle spacer)
  • Dropouts Compatibility: 135mm
  • Torque Arm: at least 1 torque arm is strongly recommended. 2 torque arms, one on each side, required for regen braking
  • 36 spoke holes
  • Color: Dark metallic grey
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