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12 MOSFETs 30-90V Sensorless Infineon Controller with Cycle Analyst Support Wired and Calibrated for Crystalyte Motor

This sensorless Infineon controller is water sealed and has an excellent reliability record. It is wired and calibrated to be plug and play with our Crystalyte motors, but will work with most direct drive motors.

This controller uses 12 IRFB 4110 MOSFETs, it handles up to 40 Amps (or 2000 Watts) and supports wide battery voltage range: 36V-74V (29-90V actual).

Supports regen function (regen voltage needs to be matched to your battery voltage).

Supports V2/V3 Cycle Analyst.

The controller is wired for an external power on/off switch.


  • 3 x Anderson (APP) connectors, yellow, blue, green wires: motor phase wires
  • 2 x Anderson (APP), red & black: battery
  • 6 pin JST female: Cycle Analyst
  • 5 pin JST female: USB/Programming
  • 4 pin JST female (1 unused pin): throttle
  • 3 pin Molex male (1 unused pin): external power on/off/kill switch
  • White jumper cable: short to enable regen braking, unshort to disable regen braking

The default current setting is 40A (please leave a comment at checkout if you need the current limit set to a lower value).

1 year warranty

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