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Crystalyte H40 Torque Rear Hub Motor with Extra Long Axle for Fat Bike
This Crystalyte H40 motor comes with an extra long 150 mm axle and will work with 170 mm dropouts with a couple of additional spacers, so it can be used with fat bikes and cruisers.

Crystalyte powerful, super reliable motors are a great fit for tough and demanding conditions like extreme temperatures and rough terrain which makes them a popular choice for heavy-duty off-road applications.

The Crystalyte H40 motor is wider and heavier than the H35 model, it has 40mm wide stator and magnets which translates into more torque, more power and faster acceleration.

The H40 motor can sustain up to 4000 Watts continuously (with power levels so high, we strongly recommend utilizing the motor built-in temperature sensor via V3 Cycle Analyst).

Top speed in 26" wheel:
27-30mph @ 50V 30-40A
34-37mph @ 72V 30-40A
12K thermal sensor.
Honeywell S411 hall sensors
Disc Brake Compatible
Standard 6 bolt disk brake mount
Freewheel Compatibility:1-3spd
Dropouts Compatibility:150-170mm
Torque Arm: 2 torque arms is required
36 spoke holes
Color: Black
Regen: Yes
Freewheeling: No

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